♥ APHRODITE is a 1-day women’s retreat where we cultivate the values of compassion, sensitivity, appreciation, gentleness, authenticity & surrority. It is said that the elevated feminine in any woman is awakened in the supporting presence & relationship with other women.

♥ APHRODITE is an invitation for us women to unite, for a day, and exchange values, emotions, inner states or outer qualities that we can each later on embody, develop & grow further in our lives. With the genuine intention to be better companions, friends, life-partners, mothers, daughters or sisters.


♥ We the women of today, in our path to embody the abundant & plentiful version of ourselves, build nurturing social circles, provide love & warmth to our loved ones and respect to our livelihood, do unite and pledge to the Essence of our feminine nature.


♥ This event is for you if…



    • You want to accelerate your personal growth in a safe and sacred space, surrounded by amazing women


    • You are ready to tap into your feminine essence and reveal your inner goddess
    • Your soul is calling you for reconnecting with who you really are
    • You are ready to shift old patterns of thinking
    • You want to enhance your daily life with new habits
    • You are reading this and feel it’s a sign from your soul goddess
    • You want to embody the femininity and grace into your personal discovery
    • You wish for applied daily practices in nutrition, beauty, fashion, sexual intimacy, self love, money, spirituality or body movement
    • You are willing to let go of social conditioning and embrace your magical temple of femininity


    • You desire to step into your authenticity in the relationships with people around you

♥ What you will get from this event

    • Connection with your own inner kingdom of magic
    • Learn more about practices in nutrition, beauty, fashion, sexual intimacy, self love, money, spirituality and body movement
    • Vibrate on a higher frequency of femininity, love and compassion
    • Meet amazing women just like you


    • Cultivate & apply values that honour the feminine


♥ Come as if you would attend a special moment for yourself. Bring the clothes that make you feel comfortable, feminine, relaxed, safe, magnetic, do your nails or hair or prepare in any other way you feel fresh and beautiful.


♥ Please do not wear heavy perfumes as we will spend the learning time indoors.


♥ Bring in any personal accessories or foods or anything else you need at all times to have with you. Though there will be a place to leave your clothes (an open-space), we suggest you either not bring any valuables or keep them with you at all times. 


♥ We do not expect anyone to take something that does not belong to them, objects can get lost or misplaced. So it is best to be vigilant with any personal valuables.



♥ The price includes the 8 workshops, vegan lunch, two coffee breaks, the amenities and an exclusive Aphrodite gift bag.


♥ We do not accept cash, any payment must be made through one of the ways presented on the website. Please keep in mind there are specific deadlines for Early Bird. Also, the registrations will close 2 weeks prior to the event.


♥ If, for any unfortunate circumstance, you will no longer be able to make it after you’ve bought the ticket, we encourage you to find another woman (from your friends or colleagues or acquaintances) to come in your place. Do let us know via e-mail at contact@aphroditeretreat.com if this is your case so we can make the adjustments in our participation list.



♥ Enjoy, relax, learn, get curious, ask questions, socialise, meet new women, try to find out their relationship to the feminine, their challenges or struggles, take notes and try to apply as much as you can afterwards.


♥ Respect all women attending, no matter what looks, personality or ways of expression they may have. Let us hold space for one another during this day. This is a crucial foundation for what we are in fact addressing: our own femininity and our ability to connect to the feminine in others. 


Bringing a contribution to an atmosphere of sorority is the first way to do this. Words of appreciation, support, sharing your experiences and your breakthroughs is a beautiful way in which you can honour your personal process as well as that of others.


♥ If you want to take pictures / selfies, make sure you get permission from other women around you or near you (who may be in the background). Alternatively, avoid having in the background other women than those in the photo.


♥ If you really want keep or use your phone during the workshops, please keep it on the Silent mode (so no vibrations, no alarms, incoming calls or any other sounds might disturb others around you or the facilitators).



♥ You may wish to come already dressed in a comfortable / lounge attire (keep in mind we will have yoga, dance & breathing practices as well as plenty of moments for taking photos or selfies). So think well in advance what clothes you want to bring with you. There will be an open space to change; while this is an all women’s event, keep in mind at the location there will be 3 men employees present; their job is simply to fix anything that might break down, burn out, get stuck etc.


♥ We will be spending the entire workshops on yoga mats and the coffee breaks & lunch time outdoor. Keep in mind this is an out-of-city setting. Take it as a one day trip, so get in the holiday mood and bring clothes / shoes that you would take on a day out on in nature / at a picnic.


♥ You may wish to wear a sports outfit, you can bring along a beautiful dress to change into (if you feel like it, but there is no need for elegant / wedding / club dresses, nor high heels; outdoor dresses and low heel shoes might be a better fit).


♥ The important is for you to set your own level of comfort with exploring your femininity in this 1-day retreat, in the way that instinctively feels right for you. There is a supportive pledge on behalf of all of us women to attend, to honour one another and either stay within our range of comfort or take it to the level it feels comfortable to each one of us.


♥ We will spend time in a secluded place but we will have basic amenities (food, drinks, water, first aid, car, wi-fi etc.)


♥ You are free to choose your own level of immersion into the discussions or the exercises (especially there are physical activities: dance, yoga, breathing exercises). You are free to withdraw from any practice which does not suit you or you simply do not resonate with.


♥ APHRODITE is focused on creating a safe space for us women to share and explore our own femininity and also create a safe environment for our sisters present to do the same. Our needs and boundaries will be cherished & respected, the group will support each one of us with anything we need.


♥ If you don’t like vegan food, you may simply bring your own food and drinks and give your vegan dish to another woman there. Sharing with your sisters is deeply feminine.


** NOTE:The event will be held in Romanian.





♥ Keep in touch with your new friends and sister, share photos, videos, selfies and take your time to apply what you learned. Honour the feelings that might come up even days or weeks after the event, it takes time to process intense shifts and transformations of our core essence.