I’m Andreea, a dreamer, yoga teacher, NLP Coach, travel addict, passionate about life and all it has to offer.

I’m in love with this amazing world, the present moment, the road and the wonderful experiences it offers, the beautiful people I meet while on it, the feeling of wonder. It is all for the best, always! Not always easy to believe or accept it but once we manage to do so, we relax and open to everything life has to offer. It gets easier to just accept and see what other options are there when our plan fails. And it gets easier to just let go.

My life journey took me to India, my second home, a country I fell in love with from the moment I set foot on it and where I lived for almost five years. This is where my love affair with yoga began.

Certified in traditional Hatha yoga, with experience in Sivananda style, Restorative, Vinyasa, Kundalini (Bihar School of Yoga) and meditation.
I’ve taught yoga in India, Vietnam, Romania, UK and Italy; in gyms, studios, outdoors, one to one and I have organised and conducted Total beginners intensive introductory courses.

With a gentle but firm approach, my main focus is on breath and working with one’s own energy. I enjoy inspiring others to improve their wellbeing and find inner balance through nurturing body, mind and spirit.