17:25 – 18:25 Dance & Sensuality Styling

Your inner goddess manifests herself every time your gestures and your body movement creates the flow characteristic to the feminine energy.  

We invite you to take an insight into the fascinating universe of femininity and sensuality, to become Apsaras – celestial nymphs, beautiful, supernatural female beings, elegant muses and superb in the art of dancing.

We will surrender to the flow of music and let our body become an instrument through which we create magic from within. The healing power of music and body movements combined: such a delight!

We will become aware of our own body, admire our own elegance, grace and beauty, learning love and self-acceptance through dance.

Moreover, the temple of dance is the place where we learn to use our body in order to reveal the amazing goddess within. From small, delicate gestures to body flow and sensual movements, all awaits you in the dance temple!

This session will be held by Suzana Deak.

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