I’m a wardrobe curator, fashion consultant and style writer. I believe in education as a tool for bettering yourself and the world around you, in beauty as a way to cultivate your inner space and viewing the world through a different lens, in introspection as the mean to observing your place and role in the world and discovering your true self, vulnerable, unapologetic and beautiful.

I love my work and it’s an honour to be working with women; each and every one of them inspire me. I made it my mission to help them see and recognise their beauty, inner and physical : to reconcile with their miraculous bodies, to forget about their flaws and body image hang-ups, to use clothes and colors as a mean to highlight not to hide themselves. When we work together, there is no shaming, no cheap flattering, no talk of disguising or minimising your wonderful body – just honest and useful advice.

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